Insert bad Easter pun here…

It’s been one year this week since I left my job as a columnist at the Chronicle Herald. I hated leaving, and I hated the reason I had to. The upside? I got to take a break from a long-time weekly deadline (I had skipped filing only twice, I’d wager, in six-plus years).

I needed the downtime.

In the 12 months before I left the paper, I finished up a full-time two-year Master of Fine Arts degree and wrote a book, while simultaneously working full-time as a freelancer and journalism instructor. My film-industry artist husband moved away for six months for work when Stephen McNeil’s Liberals dropped the guillotine on the Nova Scotia Film Tax Credit. While he was away, my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer and died 12 weeks later.

My kids — there are two of them — don’t drive or do their own laundry, but they can feed cats — two, natch — and work the vacuum, so that was at least something.

All this is to say, I planned to continue writing my column weekly and to post it on my web site, without a break, because I enjoyed writing it, and reading my sometimes-nasty mail. Plus, when it comes to working and volunteering, I am a masochist. But first I took off the summer — lovely, warm — and then, the fall — still warm, so busy! — and then the winter —cold, holed up. And, now, well, here we are back at spring.

I think this is how we get old and cramped up and dead — we can’t find the line between taking a necessary break and just letting everything slide.

I won’t promise weekly. But I promise columns, as regularly as I can, starting Saturday. I’ll get the word out when they’re posted by way of Twitter (@lezlielowe) and Facebook (@lezlielowejournalist). I am risen. Ha. Wait — is that mildly offensive, given the calendar? Ok, good. ~~

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