New York City’s best public bathroom?

I’m on a toilet trip this week, in part researching New York City’s public washrooms.

There are three automatic pay toilets (APTs) in the five boroughs. (You read
right: three toilets for a population of eight and a half million souls. I’ll get to
posting an explainer later about the lack of public pay bathrooms in the world’s greatest city.)

So far, I’ve managed to hit one such APT, at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. Out of order. 🙁

This isn’t to say I’m holding it. I visited fantastically well maintained and beautiful public toilets in mid-town Manhattan at Herald Square and Greeley Square (two mirror image bow-tie parks on Sixth Avenue; Herald is at 34th and Greeley is to the south). The toilets are clean, free and boast fresh flowers. Truly. Fresh flowers in glass vases.

IMG_6062“How often are these cleaned?” I asked an attendant who works for the 34th Street Partnership, the business improvement commission that manages the parks.

“All day.” ~~

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